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Celino’s central location means that it is only steps from famous South Beach places of interest. Ready to take on the town? From SoBe’s Art Deco District to Miami’s trendiest neighborhoods, let our explore guides point you where to go.

10 Miami Adventures for the Thrill-Seeking Traveler
| Explore Miami

If swimming with sharks or leaping out of a plane sounds better than lounging on the beach, these adventure-filled Miami vacation ideas are for you.

Quirky Ways To See Miami
| Explore Miami

Forget the double-decker bus or taxi, these unique Miami tours will satisfy even the most seasoned travelers.

Must-Try Cuban Restaurants in Miami
| Explore Miami

With its fusion of Spanish, African, Creole, and Caribbean flavors, Cuban cuisine is easy to come by in Miami. Here's where to find the best of the best.

Where to Find the Best Nightlife in South Beach
| Explore Miami

From Miami Beach’s newest upscale lounge to a neon-lit hip-hop club, we know where you can go to get your groove on in this party capital.

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