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Celino News

Stay current with the latest news from Celino. Discover special events, exclusive offers, and get the inside scoop from our luxury boutique hotel in South Beach.

10 Things to Do with Your Family at Celino Hotel
| Celino News

From beachy activities to initiating your own conga line, here’s how to create family memories at the Celino Hotel.

A History of Celino Hotel: Where the Walls Still Talk
| Celino News

Let us take a step back in time and investigate the Celino Hotel’s past.

Discover the New Celino District
| Celino News

Celino South Beach is a whole new way to do Ocean Drive.

First Look: How Celino is putting Miami-inspired Interior Design in the Spotlight
| Celino News

Join South Beach’s most anticipated new boutique hotel for a behind the scenes look at our design inspiration as we gear up for an epic grand opening.

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